T H E  M I S S I O N :
Create a visual language for Hough Ear Institutes annual benefit concert, Hearing Hope.

T H E  O U T C O M E :
A modern and cohesive system that was easy an interpretation of sound made visual. The pieces could be interchangeable which helped the team with creating the various pieces needed for the event.

T H E  I M P A C T :
The Hough Ear Institute had a cohesive event design that helped attract younger generations to volunteer and be part of Hough Ear Institute. The design system was also easy to use for all the vendors and volunteers involved.

S E R V I C E S :
Event Design​​​​​​​

A Dynamic Visual Sound for a Benefit Concert

The Hough Ear Institute, a research and educational foundation for prevention of hearing loss, puts on annual concert for donors of their institute each year. This year however, they knew that they would need to reach a slightly different target audience if they were going to see any big numbers. How do could they reach that target without endangering their current market? 

So, How Does Sound Visually Look?

After meeting with Nuevo Studio about these concerns and other needs, Nuevo started conceptualizing. This concert would whole heartily benefit ones with hearing loss and hopefully find a cure. If you had lost your hearing, what does concert look and feel like to you? You would feel vibrations and flex of these, essentially feel the music.

Thanks For Watching!

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