G O L D  A D D Y  W I N N E R

T H E  M I S S I O N :
This project sought to name and create a brand for Erin Richardson, Ph.D., a consultant for regional-sized museums. Erin and her team help museums and their staff organize, build systems, curate, etc. to adapt their museum to the needs of their community.

T H E  O U T C O M E :
We helped Erin with renaming her growing company, now called Frank & Glory, as well as helped her define how her company would be perceived through visuals. Frank & Glory went through the process of naming, visual identity design, and website creation. Her bold brand and company represent the type of work she and her team do and how they approach each project: Bold, Frank, and Glorious.

T H E  I M P A C T :
When Erin launched her new brand and website to her colleagues, she was approached by four potential large projects from museums all over the east coast of the United States in that same day!


Frank and Glory (formerly Erin Richardson Consulting) is a museum services firm 
that supports diversity and sustainability in museum collections. They believe that museums
are primarily for people in the present and future, rather than collections of the past.
With current and future audiences in mind, Frank & Glory helps museums transform
their collections into accessible, relevant, inclusive, and
sustainable tools for mission delivery.


Erin Richardson has years of experience in this field and is well known in her industry.
However, when starting a consulting firm there was no plan in place for when
future growth occurred. She wanted her employees to flourish and learn from
her and not feel like they were working for one person, but rather for a specialized firm.
Not having gone through the branding process previously, her company needed to be named
and positioned, with visuals and a website created where she could highlight the
success stories to which she and her team have contributed.


To start, we partnered with our friends at S Design to help with the brand positioning and
naming of Erin’s company. We needed to understand the full extent of Erin’s arsenal.
The team knew Erin needed a name that would sound like a firm so her future team
could feel the company culture Erin was creating as well as for her current and future
clients to feel even more at ease in hiring this company. The name, Frank & Glory is
based on the values of Erin’s company. Being frank and emotionally detached from each
project enables her to best employ her strategy and organization methods.
The glory is the end success her clients will feel at a project’s end.

The visual identity created for Frank & Glory is based on the lack of order and clarity
found in museums and how she and her team get in and find the true gems of the
collections and therefore help the museum become a gem to its surrounding community. The brand needed to showcase the work that goes into each project and the refinement that follows
as a conclusion which is why we juxtaposed delicate art nouveau style mark with
the grit of wood block typeface.

Once the visual were developed, we created her full print suite including presentation
materials for her speaking engagements and conferences. We worked with Erin to
find certain swag pieces that could have multiple functions. Notebooks with stamps so
she can organize each project yet still give away something people would find useful.

Nuevo Studio developed the website to be easily understood and to
showcase the prestige of and various services Frank & Glory offers.
The site is designed to be mobile friendly yet easily readable for her elderly clients.


On launch day, Erin was contacted by four potential large projects to start 
working on museums all over the Northeast United States. Erin was excited 
about sharing her new website and told us that people are constantly 
complimenting her on her business cards. We love when our client are 
reaching their goals and feel confident in themselves and their business.


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